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Ashanti Region

Ashanti Region - Ghana

It is the cultural heart of Ghana, land of gold, rich in history, language, rites of passage, vibrant festivals and exotic cuisine are just parts of a normal day in the Ashanti region.

Tourists can immerse themselves in numerous traditional experiences such as funerals, and naming ceremonies. There is a royal Akwasidae held at the royal palace of the Asante king - Otumfuo Osei Tutu II in six week intervals.

Kumasi is the capital city of the Ashanti region and lies in the beautiful, scenic and hilly tropical rainforest belt. It is primarily covered in lush green forests and is ruled by the tall buttress rooted forest giants. Cocoa farms and scenic settlements dominate the hillsides.

Pleasant weather for everyone, it gets cool in the mornings, vivid and sunny in the afternoon and cold again in the evenings. This allows tourists to explore and shop in their personal comfort zones where they can absorb this vibrant world of hard working and honest people.

The golden heart of Ghana- Ashanti houses the biggest gold mine in all of Ghana. Located at Obuasi, 50 km south - west of Kumasi, tourist can come here and have surface visits arranged where they can get a whiff of the prime "gold rush" days in the 1890s

Homey, hospitable and welcoming hotels can be found Throughout the Ashanti region, and especially in Kumasi. The main town's nightlife is fun for any partygoer. Hardcore sporting amenities can be availed of in urban areas along with prized fishing destinations at lakes and rivers.

To get your slice of Tradition at Ghana, a trip to its heartland of Ashanti is required at all costs...


  • It's a region which is connected well by road, rail as well as air.
  • Neoplan buses travel between Kumasi and Accra on a daily basis and have a frequency of an hour or so.
  • Regional capitals and other towns are well linked by the trotros from Kumasi.
  • Kumasi is the apex of the railway network in Ghana and hence you can be assured comfortable passenger trains from Kumasi to Accra as well as Kumasi to Takoradi.


Ashanti houses many restaurants as well as fast food joints which give you a taste of those exotic Ghanaian flavors along with international cuisine. Tourist can fill up with the true to nature indigenous eating experience and can also get many continental dishes to savor. There are many local eateries or the popularly known chop bars which are found in many parts of the Ashanti region.

You can get a plethora of options like open - air drinking bars, street side cafes, many night clubs, proper regulated casinos, theaters etc. the details can be found on the Ghana tourist board.


The warm word "AKWAABA" will be heard everywhere you go, and it will show you the true hospitality of the Ashanti people.

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