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Brong Ahafo Region

Brong Ahafo Region - Ghana

It is the heart of Ghana, A warm welcome and kind people welcome you to non other than the Brong Ahafo region. A array of tribal groups, physical features, practices which date back to the distant past are all available for locals and tourists alike. Tourism plays an integral role in Brong Ahofo region's economy, so you as a tourist can expect the best experience possible when you come here to experience your own little slice of Ghana.

The capital of the Brong Ahafo Region is Sunyani and it is conveniently linked to Accra by a proper road and is approximately seven hours drive between Accra and Sunyani. The tourist trail usually begins at Sunyani and will follow the most famous tourists attractions of the Brong Ahafo region.


Formed on the 4th April 1959 the Brong Ahafo, which was then known as western Ashanti region is the second largest area of Ghana for landmass and has a territorial size of 39,557,O8sq.kms.

Modes of Transport

Road The Brong Ahafo Region can brag of having excellent roadways connecting its most important townships to the capital, Sunyani along with the rest of the country.

Air Sunyani has an airport, this airport links the Brong Ahafo region by air to Accra, Kumasi and Takoradi. Air transport is nonetheless irregular and is consequently undependable. The lake Brong Ahafo, on its part of the Volta Lake has 3 lake ports. These are New Buipe, Yeji and Yapei. They can be easily reached from Akosombo by means of the Yapei Queen and such others.


Telecommunications Present here is a communications system containing more than 6,800 direct telephone lines connecting nearly all district capitals; radio phones are used in the remaining districts and mobile phones usage is starting to become popular now..

Electricity The thirteen capitals of the district have been given electricity; voltage of which is the same as the national voltage of 220 volts and of 3-pronged and 2-pronged out- lets.

Money Exchange There are not many foreign exchange bureaux in the major district capitals which deal in financial dealings in cedis and a chosen few foreign currencies.

Hotels The Brong Ahafo region possesses more than 120 hotels, many which are within budget. Star-rated hotels and luxury guesthouses are seen in Techiman, Sunyani, Wenchi Berekum, and Dormaa. Efficient budget hotels and guesthouses can be found in each of the thirteen districts in this Region.

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