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Tsarley Korpey Beach Resort


Tsarley Korpey Beach Resort is located in Ada Foah.

General Description

Tsarley Korpey Beach Resort sits on acres of fertile landscaped waterfront properties and an island that is located on the edge of River Volta. The resort has 6 guest rooms from which guests can enjoy the attractive and splendid view of the river. All these 6 hotel rooms are well adorned in a unique and attractive style to appeal to the different tastes of guests who visit the hotel. The rooms also offer hotel guests a quiet and revitalizing environment suitable for both business travelers and holiday makers who wish to enjoy a well deserved holiday once in a while in a top class destination.


The 6 rooms in the Tsarley Korpey Beach Resort include; 1 twin room, 2 family rooms and 3 double rooms.

Amenities & Services

The amenities and services available at the Tsarley Korpey Beach Resort include; a Crocodile village, Boat ride, a Crab Island, a Dwarf Island and a safe and relaxed environment for holiday makers.


Guests to the Tsarley Korpey Resort are served with both local and international dishes.

Activities & Facilities

Activities and facilities available at the Tsarley Korpey Beach Resort include; a fast internet connection, a Swimming pool, Conference facilities and a Bar and Restaurant.

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