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Central Region - Ghana

The Central Region previously was known as the government center of the gold coast. Cape Coast was the operational center of the British administration before 1878. The shoreline is well-known for its ancient fortifications and castles which were made by early European merchants. Such forts at St. Jago, Elmina, and Cape Coast have been recognized by the World heritage Foundation under UNESCO as World Heritage Monuments.

The Central Region is renowned for its beaches which are fringed with palm trees, charming fishing villages, famous towns, and stunningly beautiful natural attractions. Just 30km north of Cape Coast lays Kakum National Park, it is the primary nature reserve in Southern Ghana and requires a visit in every tourist's timetable. Roughly unaffected virgin tropical rain forests have been conserved as a habitation for butterflies, birds and exceptional local flora and fauna. Tourists from Accra can easily reach Kakum without hassle.

The Central Region's culture is portrayed all the way through by its several titillating festivals which are held all around the year. Some of the most excellent known festivals are -

  • 'Bakatue', mening the opening up of Benya Lagoon into the sea, which represents the launch of the fishing season for the Elmina people.
  • 'Edina Buronya', which can be described as a adaptation of Christmas celebrated by the Elmina people on the first Thursday of the New Year.
  • 'Aboakyer' well known as game hunting is among the famed festivals of the chiefs and people of Winneba on the first Saturday in May.
  • 'Fetu Afahye' is a festival celebrated on the first Saturday of September with a durbar of chiefs by the people of Cape Coast
  • 'Odambea' is a festival which is celebrated in the Saltpond Traditional Area on the last Saturday in August, which depicts a very large migration of people taking place centuries ago.

The old townships in the Central region that deserve a visit include

  • Winneba - previously called 'Simpa' Winneba.
  • Kromantsej Abanze - the site of Fort Amsterdam.
  • Duakwa and Mensa Krom - The region's most highly skilled woodcarvers reside here.
  • Ajumako aware is a town where craftsmen specialize in stools, royal regalia, clan totems and linguistic staffs.

All over the Central Region one can find welcoming, safe hotels and restaurants, It's an easy drive from the Accra region. If the ancient links amid Africa, the Americas and Europe entices you, or if you simple wish to discover a culture that lives in another era, or if you want to unwind on a beautiful sunny coast, if so you cannot afford to miss the once in a lifetime experience of visiting the Central Region.

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