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Eastern Region

Eastern Region - Ghana

A spectacular countryside, remarkable ruins and long-established cultures all await you in the great Eastern Region. A blend of the old days with the modern world can be witnessed in the eastern it can almost be considered as a contrast with Accra.

Lake Volta, one of the world's biggest man-made lakes dominates the eastern region, along with the Akosombo Dam which is the primary sourse of Ghana's hydroelectric power are a must to visit. A much loved expedition is the weekend trip to Dodi Islands.

Remarkable sceneries can be seen at the Krobo Mountains and the Akwapim Ridge, it can truly be called a dream come true for any aspiring artist. The countryside is perfect for long evening or morning walks. The Eastern Region is renowned the immense spans of abundant tropical forests, and surreal cascading waterfalls. Those who enjoy the sport of fishing will have great fun catching tilapia in Lake Volta.

The Eastern Region has at Akwatia, Ghana's one and only commercial diamond mine. At Mampong-Akwapim you can find the origin of Ghana's Cocoa industry. For the cocoa lover, the Cocoa Research Institute in New Tafo, welcomes all tourists and visitors. The capital is Koforidua, an enjoyable, traditional settlement with satisfying hotels and a busy market area.

Traditional and historic villages and the Eastern Region of Ghana go hand in hand. Tourists should consider a visit to the original Presbyterian school buildings in Akropong along with the house of Tetteh Quarshie located in Mampong. These towns have several attractive historic buildings and districts alike.

A tourist's first taste of the Eastern region is the vibrantly beautiful botanical gardens at Aburi, first opened in 1890 and have since then always been a beloved pleasure trip from Accra. Another "must do" on the list is the forest of Atewa-Atwirebu, which is home to hundreds of rare birds and butterflies.



Latitude 5" 40" and 7", 10 North, and longitude 08 east, 1 " 15' of the Greenwich Meridian.


To the north is the Brong-Ahafo and Ashanti Regions, to the East is the Volta Region, to the west is the Central region and the Greater Accra is to the south.


Koforidua is the capital town in the Eastern Region and is about 85km from Accra.


Temperatures in the Region are in the range of 240c - 280c along with standard rainfall of 1750mm (low lying areas) to1750mm per annum (highland areas) in the Kwahu scarp.


The Kwahu, Guans, Akyem, Krobo and Akwapim are the main ethnic groups in the Eastern region and each of these groups have their own diverse, language, festivities and practices.

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