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Northern Region - Ghana

The scenic landscape, the legacies filled with history over the ages and the warmth and hospitality of the people are what greets you when you experience the largest region of Ghana, I speak of non other than the Northern region.


There are 110 districts in the entire country of which 13 are located in the northern region. Other than the Gambaga escarpment which lies in the northeast corner of the region along its western corridor, the rest of the region consists of low-lying features.

Tributaries of the Volta lake run throughout this mass expanse, the rivers Nasia, Daka, Oti, the Black and White Volta covers 70,390 KM which makes up a third of the entire area and can easily engulf regions like Volta, Western Ashanti, and Greater Accra collectively; it can righteously be called the mother of all regions.


To the north are the Upper west and Upper east regions, to the west is Cote D'Ivoire and to the east - Togo. To the south are the regions of Brong Ahafo and Volta.


The major tribal groups are Nanumba, Dagomba, Gonja, Komkombas and Mamprusi. Other groups include Chekosis, Bimobas and Vaglas. These groups are included in the rather large population of over 2 million.


Tamale is the fourth largest city in the country and is the capital of the northern region. It is actively known as the commercial head of the northern region of Ghana. Tamale is an unbelievable combination of the ancient and modern. A "must see" for every tourist are traditional round huts having cone shaped thatched roofs.


The monsoon comes amid the months of May and October which is trailed by the dry season which hits the highest point in December and January due to the dry Harmattan winds moving through the Sahara Desert.

This climate sustains the Savanna vegetation which includes grasslands, short trees and a sprinkling of big trees like mahogany and baobab along with clusters of shrubs. The temperature in the northern region peaks to an average maximum of 38oC in the months of March and April and can hit a low of 19oC in the month of January.

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