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Upper East Region - Ghana

Having a population close to 1 million and covering 7.8% of Ghana's land mass is none other than the Upper East region. It can be called the doorway to Ghana from Burkina Faso, and was the site of the historic crossroads of the trans - Sahara trade route.

The landscape consists of broad savannah grasslands, or outstanding Sahel topography sprinkled with the strange-looking baobab trees. Time and technology have left the villages here relatively untouched. These round hutted villages give us a view into the past, one can say almost see the stone age era in the present day.

The primary border posts from Burkina Faso can be found at Kapulima. Paga, Kulungugu and Hamale,

Political supervision devides the Upper East region into six separate Districts: Bawku West, Bawku Eest, Builsa, Bongo, Bolgatanga (or 'Bolga' as it is known locally) and Kassena-Nankana.

The capital has at all times been a meeting place for traders coming from Mali and Burkina Faso and moving south to Tamale and Southern Ghana. The markets throughout the Upper East region persist in being crucial trading points, and 'Bolga' is a well-known locality for handicrafts, together with straw hats and baskets, metal ornaments and leather goods.

The distinctive style of every local village has evolved with the passage of time, and they aim to blend and change with the local conditions. This is a contrast to other parts of Ghana. But in the end the people here are equally welcoming throughout the land.

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