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Upper West Region

Upper West Region - Ghana

The Upper West Region makes up 3% of Ghana's total land mass and it has an area of close to nine thousand square kilometers. Distinct languages are spoken by the tribes you inhabit this region. These tribes are the Lobi, Dagarba, Vagla Sisala, and the Wala.

The five administrative districts of -Lawra, Jirapa-Lambusi, Nadawoli, Sissala and Wa, make up the total population of this region and it comes to approximately 574,000. The people living in Burkina Faso enter Ghana through this region.the region is also a traditional crossroad for the historic Trans-Saharan trade route.

Time has left this region relatively untouched and and we can see beautiful, traditional huts throughout the land. These huts have distinct decorative paintings and give us a glimpse of the fast fading purely traditional face of Ghana.

The major border posts from Burkina Faso are established at Hamale,. Paga, Kulungugu. And Kapulima

The Upper West Region is one of the most traditional regions of Ghana. Wa is the region's capital and is the seat of the Wa Naa - Paramount Chief of the Walas. The glorious palace continues to make people gasp as it did when it was first built in the 19th century. The distinctively styled conventional village houses of round mud-walled structures are well custom-made to the challenging climate of this region.

An essential sanctuary for rare species of wildlife, such as elephants, hippos and bucks is located 17km south of Tumu at the Gbelle Game Reserve. Birdwatchers believe this to be a significant home for native as well as migratory birds.

Even though development is under way in theregions, heavy rains cause serious problems and hinder access to most of the region.

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