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Volta Region

Volta Region - Ghana

A land of extraordinary scenic beauty with rolling hills, valleys, rocky outcrops overlooking Lake Volta, along with picturesque lagoons, rivers and tall waterfalls make for nature's most striking gift to Ghana - The Volta region.

This region extends all the way from the scenic coastal plains on the Atlantic coastline to the bone-dry land of the north. Climatic conditions in this region can differ immensely.

The coastal plains are fringed by picture perfect sun-dappled beaches and mangrove swamps, next comes humid deciduous rain forests in the central belt. Over here proudly stands Mt. Afadjato which is 885m tall and is the highest point in all of Ghana. We then move on to the arid, hot, scorched land of the savannah of northern Ghana. In the Volta region there is something for each and every single traveler.

This region is most famous for River Volta and Lake Volta, which stretch out on its western flank. The lake is a spring of power, and provides much of the water for the entire region. The north of the lake is considered a great fishing area as well as a popular recreational spot.

The diverse history and the rich culture of the tribal life become evident through the many festivals and ceremonies which take place.

Many remnants of European forts and other such structures can be seen. As we move towards the north, relics from the German colonial age are instantly recognizable. The regional museum at Ho is the perfect place to appreciate the historic past of this region.

Hohoe is a well- known place for herbal medicine, and possesses significance in Ghana as well as the western world in today's age.

The Wli Waterfalls are the highest in Ghana and can be seen in the tropical forest near Hohoe, other such beautiful waterfalls can be seen at the Tsatsadu Falls at Alavanyo, or the Tagbo Falls at Liate Wote which are more or less as impressive.

Mountain climbers of all ages come to test their skills at the Afadjato Mountains. The Kalakpa Game Production Reserve is a slice of heaven for every environmentalist.

The Volta region is renowned for colorful festivals and ceremonies, the most famous of which is the Hogbetsotso festival of the Anlos people which takes place in November. The people of Wli also have a unique festival to give thanks for the gift of water - a wise lesson the rest of the world can learn.

The central doorway from Togo is at Aflao. Hotels, guest houses and restaurants can be located in all the major centers, which include Ho, Kpando, Keta, and Hohoe.

The best beaches in Ghana can be found in the Volta region. Swimming is all the rage in some areas, but keep in mind that the ocean is usually bumpy along the Atlantic coast. New hotels provide amenities for water sports and deep sea fishing. Anyone who considers themselves as good fishers will have a blast catching fish like tarpon, tuna and barracuda.


This region is located on the east of Ghana; it shares the eastern boundary with the Republic of Togo, the western boundary with the Volta River and Lake, at the south is the Atlantic Ocean, at the north shares is the Northern Region.


Farming, fishing, petty commerce animal rearing, and tourism make up the economic backbone of the Volta region.


The different people of this region are the - Ewe, Akpafu, Adele, Nchumuru, Atwode, Lolbi, Avatime, Tafi, Akan, Buem, Bowiri, Santrokofi, Nyagbo, Logba, and the Ga-Adangbe.

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