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Western Region

Western Region - Ghana

The Western Region consists of stunning beaches and picture perfect beach resorts. It has the high tropical jungles; the biggest compilation of European forts which were later used in the slave trade. Many mines, picturesque villages and vintage architectural styles find their place in the Western region. Warm hearted people and vivacious festivals can be found everywhere in this region.

Any tourist must visit the region's water villages in which the entire village is supported by stills. Overnight stays in a guest house are common and transportation is mostly done by canoe.

Located in the south-western part of Ghana, this region shares boundaries with other regions of Ashanti, Central, and Brong-Ahafo. To the West it borders - the republic of Cote D'Ivoire. The region has very long expanses of tropical beaches which spread over 192 Km on the Atlantic Ocean and has a tropical environment characterized by modest temperatures throughout the year.

The natives of the Western Region are generally the Akans, who speak a variety of dialects which include - Ahanta, Sefwi, Nzema, Brosa, Wassa, and Pepesa. major religions followed are Christianity, African Aminism, and Islam.

Primary financial activities include farming of cash crops and food crops, fisheing on a commercial scale as well as for sustenance, mining and manufacturing.

The foremost products exported are cocoa, copra, timber, rubber/latex, gold, coffee, bauxite and manganese.

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